Digital Form Filling Jobs

Here are the Guidelines & Details about Digital Form Filling Jobs

Total Forms 5000 Levels No. of Forms No. of Errors Payment Per Form
TAT 10 Days A 5000-4000 1-16 INR 4/-
Sign Up INR 5000/- B 3999-3000 1-14 INR 3/-
Bonus / Refund INR 2,000/- C 2999-2001 1-12 INR 2/-
Minimum Submission 2000 Form D 2000 1-10 INR 1/-
Contract 12 Months A 17-25 No Payment but Next Job
Total Assignment 24 B 15-25 No Payment but Next Job
Full Payment INR 20,000/- C 13-25 No Payment but Next Job
D 11-25 No Payment but Next Job
  • The User has to achieve minimum INR 2,000/- from the current project to continue the contract (to get the next project and Bonus).
  • There will be no mix-up levels in regards of payment & payment will be paid according to the accuracy level achieved by User.
  • He or She should have minimum typing speed and working hours should be minimum 6 to 7 hours each day (24 hrs.). If required user has to provide more time of this particular assignment.
  • Once the project is delivered is not return back.
  • If the number of ERRORS exceeds more than 25 errors in a project, the project will be considered as cancelled and the contract would be terminated.

Demo Project

Please observe following screenshot of demo project to get a brief idea about the job work.

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